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Low-cost automation features

Low-cost automation features

Low-cost automation refers to the large-scale enterprises that are facing the need of technological transformation but have limited capital investment. They should adopt proper input automation technology in order to appropriately improve the current automation level and increase the production efficiency.

1) significant technical and economic benefits, high input-output ratio, short payback period. If the LCA content is implemented in the basic automation section, the number of investments approaches the lower limit; if process control automation is included, the investment is close to the upper limit.

(2) does not require major changes to the existing manufacturing process, investment risk is small. When enterprises in the implementation of CIM or CIP, often need to properly adjust and simplify the manufacturing process. Because on the one hand to rationalize the production process and on the other to reduce the complexity of implementing CIMs or CIPs and to improve system-wide reliability. This kind of comprehensive technological transformation involving the change of production process and equipment requires huge human and financial resources and often has greater risks. Once the production and management strategy is wrong, the loss will be enormous. In contrast, when implementing LCA. There is no such requirement

(3) The implementation of LCA weak links in the enterprise independent island, the need to give play to the subjective initiative of workers. The level of automation in the island can reach a fairly advanced level to ensure a high level of product production. Between the islands, the lack of CIM or CIP modes to maintain the necessary weak communication with each other, The information transmission and management must rely on the participation of staff and operators.

(4) Realize the automation of high technology with the lowest cost. LCA is a popular high-tech products, or high-tech is its core. At this stage using various types of PLC, DCS, industrial PC machines, local area networks, servers, workstations and other technical tools is composed of a variety of high performance and low cost LCA system optimization program. [2]

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