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Automated production line of the body application

Automated production line of the body application

1. Automated production lines (assembly line assembly tool factory equipment) The composition of the main machine usually has five systems:

  1) drive system, which is the driving force behind the motivation;

  2) transmission system, the movement and power transmission to the executive organization or assistant organization;

  3) the implementation of the organization, the end of the initiative to operate and assist operation;

  4) Testing system to detect the position, stroke, speed, force and medium pressure and flow of the motive machine and feedback to the control system;

  5) Manipulation system, control the drive system of the prime mover The executive organization of the transmission system distributes the motions to the executive organizations so that they can act harmoniously in time sequence, thus completing the skill functions of the prime mover and ending the production of automation.

2.Automatic production line active line: According to the light of the road skills placed a number of active machinery, with the active transport equipment connected into a whole, and with the control system on demand control of the initiative to operate the delivery of goods, processing, testing and other induction Production line is called production line. Production line by the basic equipment, transport storage equipment, control system three of some components.

3. To improve the path of the initiative and the active line: to reduce the cycle of the auxiliary time Tf, reduce the basic skills at the moment Tk, reduce the loss of time outside the loop Tn,

4. Automated production lines at home and abroad to take the initiative and take the initiative to carry out the characteristics of: high-speed, inductive initiative, a wide selection of industrial robots and industrial robots, the choice of production active line

5, active machinery in normal working conditions, the number of units issued in a moment is called the theoretical rate of production Think of the repair or other reasons caused by the shutdown time after the unit of time the number of goods produced is called practice Production rate.

6 feeding equipment categories: roll material feeding equipment, sheet material feeding equipment, material feeding equipment, liquid material feeding equipment, powder and granule feeding equipment,

7. There are two ways to orientate scattered materials: depression orientation and active orientation

8. Automatic production line electromagnetic excitation system commonly used excitation frequency: Fi = 50HZ, Fj = 100HZ,

9. On the regular shape of the material commonly used counting method quantitative; on the loose particles of powdery materials and liquid viscous material selection volumetric method of quantitative; easy to bond on the powder, powdery materials and irregular shape block material selection Weighing quantitative

10.Automatic production line counting of single-piece material is often the choice of punch-type skill equipment; will gather material count selection of hole-hole skill equipment, cavity skills equipment, push-plate fixed-length skills equipment.

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